Dental Braces Adelaide and Jamestown

Conventional braces available at Smilemore Orthodontics in Adelaide, Modbury, Blackwood  and Jamestown are the ideal braces for teenagers.

Developing into adulthood is an interesting time for teenagers. Suddenly looking good and having a great smile becomes a pressing topic of interest. Thankfully for teens, this is frequently the best time in life to have treatment.  Why? During teen years where the jaw is developing and adult teeth have come through, facial growth accelerates. In the majority of cases this is useful in correcting teeth and jaw alignment issues.

Conventional Braces

Conventional braces are not only for teenagers.  Continued advances in bracket design means that they are not as obvious as the original versions.

Benefits of Conventional Braces

  • Efficient
  • Tried and tested technology
  • Colours optional

Suresmile Braces

Suresmile braces available at Smilemore Orthodontics use advanced 3D imaging and robotically bent archwires for optimum precision and efficiency.

See how Suresmile uses robotics to bend the archwires

Dental Braces Adelaide, Modbury, Blackwood and Jamestown

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